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Runners-up: T. Best bets: Fantastic customer service here. Runners-up Floors Etc. Lasik: Dr. Seeing through fixed eyes can truly be as beautiful as Dr. Furlong promises. Furlong has offices in the Bay Area and here in Santa Cruz. General Practitioner: Rachel Abrams MD Blending eastern and western practices is a significant feat and one of the things that makes Abrams stand out. One of the best things about her practice: She informs the patient on a variety of methods and modalities.

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He has been tuning his skills for the last 20 years, and puts forth a sincere effort in helping local kids to become stronger, but while also keeping it fun. His annual summer camps have become popular with families, including relevant teachings on anti-bullying and leadership. Salisbury is a 5th-degree black belt with a B. But take note: She also handles a number of sports injuries. And what better way to help one figure out the financials of home ownership in this county than to use someone who loves where we live. Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Steve Garner Garner boasts an array of skill sets and specialties, and even a larger following of happy clients to which he provides a seemingly endless list of services.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy, permanent make-up and even oncology esthetics are in his latest arsenal of provisions. Check out slgarnermd. But of course she got the votes for being a reputable gynecology caregiver and for building trust in this county for the last 18 years.

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Painter: T. Paul Sek He wins yet again.

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Sek and his family have created one of the most well known local green companies — with both the brains and the know-how on getting your work done while helping protect our beautiful region. We also love how the customer service stands out here. Downright one-of-a-kind. Love, Joanie. Thanks for posting these links! Amazing to me how many creative people are out there and willing to share their gift with the world!

Hi Susan: Love your blog, website and Willard! Have been reading for awhile. Just bought my first Calendar! Had to say something about Tasha Tudor. A friend near me here in Arkansas lives the TT life to a T!!

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I have knit her shawls that she wears as she works around her farm several horses, a burro, 2 dogs, cats and whatever hurting wild animal crosses her path , and caring for their property — a delightful home, wedding chapel and just comforting place to roam. Ann spins and weaves, is a dedicated Anglophile — has visited England countless times — and introduced me to all things British.

We have tea, and read and create together! My artist husband had an art show there in October! What fun!! Thanks for all your inspiration.

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Keep up the great work!! Thank you for all of these links Miss Suzie!! I have a small notebook that I keep in my purse in case I come across an interesting website in a magazine that I look at while waiting to pay for my groceries and such. Thanks so much! Beyond honored to be included in your wonderful list, Susan! Oh Susan!!! I just found this! How Wonderful for you to share your favorite tidbits with us!

Maybe someday! I am so enjoying this journey! Thanks Susan…one can never have too many girlfriends. Hello World! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have always loved Gladys Taber, but had forgotten about her for years. Same with Tasha Tudor and Peter Rabbit. Reading my Willards and your blog just makes me feel good, and these days we need more of that! Keep making us feel good, dear Sue! Hi Susan I just noticed this addition. Looking forward to checking out the above blogs. I will look into them when we are in between posts from you. Such great inspiration from so many people that I would never have had a chance to encounter.

Thank you-Susan M. Hi Susan! After many years of enjoying your books and recipes, I have just discovered your website! I loved your blog of the new kitten with the Salvadore Dali mustache! I just need now to manage my time better so that I can spend more time with you!


With love and appreciation, Cassandra. Just found this section of your site. I see we enjoy reading about some of the same people and what they are up to. In response to the posts above about and from Brad: I tell people my little brother is my favorite person on the planet. I tell my children I do not have a sister… but if I did she would be my best friend.

They my children roll their eyes at this. Oh, I am so glad to find more wonderful pictures and ideas on your website! This list will keep me busy for awhile. Julie Whitmore pottery…oh my! Thank you for giving us this list of good things. So enjoyed your pictures and story about the Balmoral. I wish the news on Cape Cod would tell us when a big ship is in our waters, I would have come to see her.

Thank you for showing her to us. I just found your Favorites! They will keep me busy reading them in the evening. So much information to enjoy!

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I feel like we are kindred spirits. When I read about your dishes, glassware, baking and sewing, it feels like I am reading about myself. All the things I love. One thing I do not do is paint, but I did do cake decorating for years.


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Your home and decoration are lovely, a warm feeling of home. Thank you for sharing so much with us. I am new to the computer world and working hard at navigating around it. I need to learn how to Twitter next. Have a wonderful trip going across the big pond! Will be looking for your pictures and stories of your adventures, Marion Rose. You are doing fine with the computer! Took me forever to figure out how to comment on blogs! Love hearing from you Marion Rose.

Oh my goodness! Susan, what a treasure trove!!!

There is just one of you! Shades of Beatrix Potter, Gladys Tabor and sooooooooo sooooooooo sooooooooo much more!.. You Are The Person of Today!!!